Creating and managing a business driven IT organization where the primary focus is implementing information oriented solutions that are most important to meeting the business goals, objectives, and strategies of the enterprise.
IT organizations do not have a clear understanding of what’s important to the business, because the value of IT is not understood by business executives (and some IT executives). Opportunities to use information technology are not identified, authorized, prioritized, and implemented.  Often the Business negligee importance of IT direction on priorities, because this strategy do not influence directly on   business objectives and goals.

What is necessary to align IT with the Business?

Assure that all IT activities contribute to the goals, objectives, and strategies of the business.

  • Encourage Executive Business Management to become continuously involved in plans and decisions regarding the use of information technology.
  • Position the IT organization to best address the needs of the business
  • Create a customer focused culture in the IT organization
  • Enhance the awareness of the value of IT to the business

IT Alignment Strategy

The first priority is to conduct Business Value Analysis, because it can be very useful when it comes to assessing business strategy and IT strategy alignment. It is necessary to determine whether or not IT leaders have a firm understanding of the organization’s strategy and goals for revenue, growth, etc. To identifying the business functions that drive those goals. To classify the technology services and determine how they align to the business functions.

IT Alignment Strategy – The Framework