The barricade

was established in Ankara in 2008 as a company focused on network and information security. The Barikat team, which has spent many years in the field of information technology, has had many years of experience in the security sector.
Barikat, which is the representative of many Turkish producers abroad, combines these representations with strategic partnerships to achieve lasting cooperation and success. In addition to the solutions of the producers working together, the barricade team produces solutions that are integrated with the special technological services that they develop according to their needs.
Having adopted the principle of working for the purpose of strengthening sustainable cooperation instead of competition, Barikat provides all kinds of product and solution focused services that end users need in the field of network and information security and provides pre-sales and after-sales services in person; and business partnerships with established integrators that have proven their success, expertise and competence in the marketplace, they direct the needs that they specify to the right channels rather than direct sales to the end user.
More than 40 experts in the field of firewall, network and information security will evaluate the experiences they have created in line with these quality principles in the most accurate manner and will continue to take steps towards the technology of the future in this market where constant change and development are experienced and will continue to advance at the front lines of the sector.
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