Simenso provides Business Development assistance to enhance strategic directionmarket positioningrevenue generation, and growth.

Our approach to working with emerging-growth firms is to focus on your market position and develop a strategy to align with important the pathway to growing the company is expedited.

We create a Business Advisory Team tailored to your company, providing focused entrepreneurial thinking through practical advice and tactical support based upon relevant business experience and expertise. We actively assist in market positioning, management team cohesiveness, effective business practices, and business development activities to take your venture to a higher level of success.


  • We tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • We provide assessment, analysis and management  
  • We support successful transformation to new innovative approach of customer proposals and approaches.
  • We provide advice on pricing strategy

What we offer

  • Leadership assessment and profiling 

  • Leadership advisory, mentoring and consultancy 

  • IT strategy

  • Innovation
  • Transformation management
    • New departments

    • Business structure

    • New process defining

  • Channel management
  • Business Partnership analysis and channel management

  • Project and program management

  • Pricing strategy

  • Sales and service excellence 
  • New business development