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Growth Services

Business development
We assist our customers to transform new ideas in profitable business implementing new customer experience & interaction management program, inside management.

Business Consulting

Bulgarian Market Entry
We assist in preparing hands-on market entry, business development services and partnerships to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in Bulgaria.

Advisory Services

Operational Consulting
We review your organization’s security infrastructure, detective and preventive controls, identifying where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

People profiling

Analyzing people`s minds
Making employees profiles for early spotting insider behavior or victimization, in order of detecting and preventing cyber crime in mission critical teams.

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Simenso Ltd is a consulting company designed to help customers improve their own privacy, invest in business stability implementing cybersecurity procedures and transform new ideas in profitable business. We believe that cyber risk oversight is a function of technological capability and human behavior. Knowledge, transparency and process simplicity are core values. We focus in collaboration and partnership between different companies to bridge between them, the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

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What we do

Technological cybersecurity;Cyberbullying prevention;Cyberpsychology .
Business Development
Teams; Strategy ;Management; Project/product; Innovation
Market Entry
Strategy, Business set-up, Business development, Growth.

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