Often companies have additional resources due to strategy changes, temporary focus change or the new project require of different skills. The big question that arise to management in this situation is WHAT TO DO?
To terminate existing job contracts of people that are experts in their field or to pay them for this “not need” time and to hope that they will not lose their motivation. Really tough management decision.
Imagine different situation.You are just starting a project that will last 2-3 years, and require specific skills not existing in your company.
Here again, comes the question WHAT TO DO? The first urge is ask HR department to set up interviews and to find proper staff (and only in your mind is that company will need them only for 2-3 years.).
Simenso`s answer to the WHAT TO DO question is:

Cross the bridge program

Our goal is to link our customers looking for  professional services to find right partner, and companies with experts to fill the gap between projects.

During the project time we manage and mediate all elements and stages of the project and the relationship between the parties, from the client/stakeholders to the contractors, subcontractors and suppliers and to quickly spot/defuse issues as they arise.
Project mediation is where a mediator or a consultant with project negotiation skills, helps to manage the project connecting people with right skills to the project team and the stakeholders, by facilitating effective communication and interaction throughout the duration of the project.

WHAT is the approach?

We in Simenso are setting direction, making choices and realizing benefits.