In the tough economic environment today, sales departments are facing huge challenges from demands for higher revenue growth and cost efficiency. SMB companies and large corporations are striving to improve their sales excellence in order to profit even more from the sales side. To become a market leader Regardless of your industry or business model, continued growth requires Sales Excellence and a team that’s constantly improving.
Sales optimization always involves five components: sales strategy, market approach, sales structure, margin management, controlling and remuneration.


Sales Excellence
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Sales Portfolio Management
  • Partner Management
  • Sales Middle Office (in- & outsourcing)
  • Training & Coaching
Service Excellence
  • Customer Care Process Optimization
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Self Service Strategy & Management
  • Complaints Handling
Customer experience

In this age of digital era, never before have customer relations experienced such a drastic change:

  • consumers are «taking the power»
  • the appearance of new ways of consuming,
  • the impact of technology and new digital habits.

All of these factors are leading companies to put customers at the core of their strategic approaches, with the stress on influence, recommendation and loyalty-building. What is common in all of these creativities is the desire for excellence in the customer experience.

Our approach:

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Define role of Emotions in Customer Experience
  • Transformations
  • Experience-driven complaints handling
  • Training & coaching
  • Performance Management

The best customer experience is one that point where the brand becomes a favorite and a long-term commitment is obtained from the customer who recommends the brand to friends and family.
A successful customer experience is dependent on the ability of companies to rise to the four challenges of interpersonal excellence, knowledge and exploitation of customer assets, marketing intelligence and lastly commercial performance.
To assure better services, we turn for help to the team of psychologies from Somenso.